About Us

We are a nationwide association of native seed and plant producers.

VWW focuses on the production and marketing of seeds for forbs, grasses and woody plants. Additionally, a selection of potted shrubs and a small variety of threshed material from meadows and hay-mulch is also available.

VWW brings together and collaborates with companies, producers, traders, consultants, scientists, and collectors, concerned with the use of wild flora.

The VWW was founded in July 2005.

VWW – Practice Seminar at Rose Saatzucht, 20. Mai 2017, in Erfurt


Local indigenous wild plants are an authentic and organic natural product for insertion into the countryside with care. The market for native plants has shown strong development in recent years. Environmental protection laws demand that local plant material be used in environmental landscaping in the countryside. Stable and reliable results can only be achieved with high quality products.

Our main task at VWW is to secure and to further develop this production. In order to do so, we have developed, over a period of several years, a certification process which provides the customer with a high degree of assurance with regards to the origin and quality of our products.

Our activity also includes participation in the creation of law and regulation initiatives at state, national and European levels.


Information on articles of association, membership and fees are available from the VWW office.